Google My Business Little Know Secrets

Ever wonder why some businesses get all kinds of success from Google?

At Revenue Ascend, we wanted to provide you an effective technique that over 75% of all Google business pages aren’t currently using (Google is/will be putting a high priority on branded searches this year).

Your brand page search alone has a certain amount of searches per month making this a great way to advertise for free on Google listings & map listings (and help with your local SEO).

Go to your Google My Business page and add these 3 things:

1. Have your Q & A optimized, research the most common questions asked and thoroughly answer it yourself and post it.
2. Have a testimonial or a brand video.
3. Post a seasonal offer/promotion, tell about a service or product.

We know that the digital marketing landscape is ever-changing and hard to keep up with as you’re a business owner that focuses on your business.

You understand that technology and digital marketing is insanely valuable to a local business.

You invested your time, your money, and your effort into turning your business into a successful company.

We are here to tell you that you don’t need to fail at marketing and growing your business, and you can save yourself a ton of time, wasted money, and effort…

Now like most business owners, you need help with your digital marketing, lead generation, and front office automation.

This is why Revenue Ascend exists. We help small business solve their marketing problems.

If your business is looking to bring in new customers, and you want to work with experts, then click on the link, and call to speak to us.