We were honored to provide a digital marketing lecture to upcoming chiropractors at National University of Health Sciences about the importance of understanding how digital marketing will make or break their practices going forward. We titled it “In This Lecture, I’m Going To Show You How To Generate Leads In Abundance, How To Leverage Digital Marketing Best Practices, and How To Measurable Grow Any Practice To The Highest Levels”.

Facebook Preferences (How to Get Maximal Exposure)

We covered topics including the Facebook Edge Rank algorithm what it prefers and went into detail about the bias it has including Lexical Sentiment Bias which reads your words, gives preferences and keeps tracts of all likes & dislikes. Consistency Momentum Bias- which is trust & how trust is earned (awarded with more momentum & more reach). Engagement Bias- Likes, comments, shares. 

Google Ads- Looking For Immediate Growth in 2019?

In addition to covering Google Ads which are the lifeblood of any practice that is looking for immediate growth. High-level strategies we provided included; Negative & Positive bid adjustments- biggest ROI, Prospecting-Interest & in market top & keyword campaigns (and layering), Using extensions (as much as possible, free real estate and higher CTA), Copy and landing page is key to high CTA and lower costs (make sure to match headline with landing page) along with how to reverse engineer Key Performance Indicators for maximal and profitable campaigns. 

Google SEO- How to Rank in 2019

Search engine optimization was also covered and how to rank in 2019. Google asks-Do they Stay, Scroll, Click, Comment, or Share? Google Panda determines behavior on site. Length is the Number 1 ranking signal (have to scroll site). Using compelling image and only show parts they have scroll site. We also covered more advanced techniques including Google wants (even listed in their patents) to have a 5x5x5 site structure at the top navigation. 5 topics at the top with CTA than 5 subtopics. Google Rank Brain-how to build property, use a good domain name, a good structure at the top, good framework, fast, secure server, and quick load times. 

To finish we covered importance of owning your audience by capturing emails, push notifications and other growth hacking techniques that will set you apart from your competition. 

Revenue Ascend is also proud to be offering an upcoming $500 student scholarship coming up in July 2019! We will have more details soon on our about page (under construction right now).