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Revenue Ascend HVAC Technician Scholarships

At Revenue Ascend we are committed to helping HVAC technicians and HVAC business owners of the future. We created these technician scholarships to provide FREE tuition to HVAC students.

About Revenue Ascend

Revenue Ascend is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency. We have been an important partner for small businesses looking for predictable growth and 2021 is the start of our 5th year in business! Our focus is helping HVAC businesses grow even during challenging and unprecedented times. We wanted to give back to the HVAC industry while helping students in need and start a new trend for marketing agencies.



Amount: $500 per Revenue Ascend HVAC client will go towards HVAC scholarships. The goal is to give away 4-6 full FREE scholarships to deserving students (if applicable).

Submissions Deadline: April 20, 2022

Award Date: May 11, 2022


Scholarships and Requirements

Those applying must be at or planning on going to an HVAC technician school. You can demonstrate this by:

  1. Show you are enrolled currently in an HVAC school
  2. Or show that you have applied to HVAC school


Application Details

Please submit the following:

  1. An email with your name, email, and the school you applied or went to:
  2. Along with a video 2-3 minutes or a short essay with 400-500 words that answer the following 3 questions:


What are the reasons you wanted to get into the HVAC space?

How you plan on making a positive impact on others?

What are your long-term goals?


The applicants with the best strategy (and based on availability) will be awarded the scholarships.


Apply Now

Please email applications with the above requirements to info@RevenueAscend.com

Please include the subject line- HVAC Scholarship Application