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Revenue Ascend (2)




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Here are just a few ways we have served our community from giving digital marketing lectures to a room full of Chiropractors, to providing the digital marketing to 100% nonprofits, to our agency being selected as one of Chicago's Most Inspiring Stories.

Here's what our clients are saying:

"We have worked with other agencies in the past, have had some success and results. We were hesitant to switch over, but after working with Revenue Ascend... The best business decision for our practice. We are seeing significantly lower costs on ad spend, much more leads and new patients that we thought was even possible."

"Love now having an experienced and results-driven digital marketing team for less than an employee."

"Revenue Ascend has been outstanding to partner with and the results have been terrific. We received a 5x return on our ad spend. They truly understand the digital marketing space and are willing to go above and beyond."

Vein Clinics of America

Case Study:

USA Vein Clinics has 50+ clinics across the USA, the largest vein group in the country.

They were looking for a highly experienced PPC and digital acquisition consultancy partner as their current full-service marketing agency continued to provide little support and did the absolute minimum to grow the campaigns.

They had been very frustrated with the previous PPC agency as a result of a lack of communication and account managers with almost no experience.


  • Drove a cost per action 60% below the forecasted metrics.
  • Improved conversion rate by 33% from the first month of the campaign to the last.
  • Integrated a real-time data integration with the call center data to track digital marketing spend down to the call and appointment quality levels. The campaigns were optimized on actual performance results instead of generic leads.

With Revenue Ascend you tell us how much you want your practice to grow.


What if you had a system that predictably produced your desired amount of the patients you want every single month?


And what if that system worked in the background, passively, while you focused on creating transformational experiences for your patients?


What if you had a reliable marketing department at a fraction of the cost that...


→ Works with you to refine and optimize your current processes (So you can get everything and more out everything you're already doing)


→ You don't have to manage, because you're confident they're in your corner doing what needs to be done (Providing you with the security and reassurance that when there's a problem, it's being taken care of to your standards)


→ Efficiently trains your staff on how to manage the inbound flow of new patient leads to your office (Turning your office staff into appointment generating machines...even if they've never had experience calling leads)


→ Produces measurable results over the long-term and continually focuses on long-term solutions (Creating strong foundations and duplicatable processes your practice can use to sustain growth or expand into new locations)


→ Stays on top of marketing trends so you don't have to... (No more sleepless nights trying to figure out the latest "Clickfunnel" that MIGHT produce the results you desire IF you buy their coaching course for only $1997)


→ Gives you INSIDER ACCESS to the BEST training available for closing new patients from Facebook (You won't be able to find this anywhere else...)


You'd no longer be at the mercy of relying on an unpredictable revenue source like how many organic referrals you get...


And your "best" months now, will eventually be considered a "slow" month...


This is exactly what we do for our clients.

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